Jennie Marie Battistin, LMFT

Clinical Director, Founder - Hope Therapy Center
Licensed Marriage Family Therapist
License #: LMFT80423
Burbank Therapist

$180 for individual 50-minute session
$200 for EMDR 50-minute session
$250 for couples/family 50-minute session

New Book “MINDFULNESS FOR TEENS” by Jennie Marie Battistin.    Available on AMAZON.

New Book “MINDFULNESS FOR TEENS” by Jennie Marie Battistin. Available on AMAZON.

About Jennie Marie

Maybe you are feeling uncertain because you have never been to a therapist or your last experience left you doubting that therapy can help. I believe something brought you to this website today. This may be the moment you begin to understand yourself and your life in new ways that will help you grow and heal.

  • Do you feel like no one understands your pain?

  • Do you feel emotionally distraught and unsure how to heal?

  • Do you need a safe place to express your feelings?

  • Have you lost joy and happiness?

  • Are you feeling stuck in life without purpose or direction?

  • Are you struggling in a relationship?

  • Are you dealing with a break-up of a relationship?

  • Would you like to enhance your communication skills?

  • Do you want to learn new coping strategies for depression?

  • Do you want to reduce panic attacks and cope better with anxiety?

  • Would you like to improve family dynamics?

  • Do you feel like your teen is out-of-control?

My therapy practice is focused on individuals, couples, families and teenagers struggling with relationships, life stages, and mental health issues that can affect interpersonal communications, relationships and living life to the fullest.

I am very committed to helping my clients understand themselves and achieve their goals. My style is directive, interactive and collaborative.

I graduated with a Bachelor's in Psychology with Summa Cum Laude honors from Woodbury University and a Master's in Clinical Psychology with Cum Laude honors from Pepperdine University. I have also completed additional training including Level 3 Practicum Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Gottman Leader training in the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, Prepare and Enriched Certified Couples Therapist training, Dialectical Behavior Training, Cognitive Behavior Training, and Mindfulness Skills.

I have over a decade of experience in the field of psychology. In addition, to my educational and clinical background as a marriage family therapist, my experience includes two decades of working as a lay-counselor for various organizations. I have facilitated support groups with couples in pre-marital and marriage counseling, individuals healing from divorce, and families navigating life-stage challenges. This provides experience that is more comprehensive than just a Bachelor's and Master's in psychology, and offers unique perspectives and valuable insights beyond the traditional classroom setting. 

My quest to professionally help others began in high school in the 1980’s as a peer-to-peer counselor, then as a drug and alcohol counselor and pre-med student in the early 1990's. Working as a health care advocate for individuals struggling with bi-polar disorder, depression and anxiety further broadened my experience, along with a position as patient surgical counselor within the medical field in 1996 and department administrator at UCLA Medical Center overseeing health care advocacy and patient counseling for transplant services in 2000. In 2002, my focus shifted toward working with women's health issues, particularly women struggling with postpartum depression and depression during menopause. In 2009, I took a position working with teens on high school campuses, and the following year began working primarily with individuals struggling with anxiety, depression and bipolar disorders. I established Hope Therapy Center in 2014.

Faith-Based Counseling: Christian and other faiths

Faith-based counseling identifies and respects your personal beliefs while enhancing your spiritual, emotional, relational, and mental health.

I have worked as a lay-counselor at various centers of worship and churches throughout Los Angeles and Ventura County since 1989 and bring a unique faith-based approach at the request of clients.

Whatever your personal beliefs are in regards to faith, I will respect and honor those beliefs. I approach matters of any faith with respect and without judgment. 

Faith-based and Christian counseling can increase your authentic self and connect you to a deeper spiritual meaning in your everyday experiences.