Couples & Family Therapy

Relationships are the cornerstone of a person’s life. When reflecting on your relationships, you may find that conflicts or poorly resolved misunderstandings consistently limit you and lead to unsatisfying or frustrating interactions.

Transitions through the stages of family life can at times be challenging. Whether moving from dating to marriage, adjusting to parenthood, keeping the romance alive, navigating the challenges of a family with teenagers, or rediscovering your relationship during the empty nest period, couples counseling and family therapy can assist with life-cycle transitions, resolving conflicts, and increasing relationship satisfaction.

Often increasing one's understanding of recurring patterns and improving communication can substantively change your relationships. This change requires insight into how the relationships you have witnessed in your life influence your own interactions. Change also requires consistent effort in the present to alter recurrent patterns and implement behavioral change. In this way, cognitive behavioral therapy can help you to build meaningful, satisfying relationships that will allow you to experience life more fully.

We often hear from couples and families who are in despair and frightened that their relationships might be beyond repair. Their communication has broken down, trust has eroded, and quality time together is almost nonexistent. We also frequently see strong couples and families that may be facing a specific crisis and just need a professional to help guide them towards new solutions or better coping.  We believe in working collaboratively with couples and families to discuss problems safely without fear or judgment.

Our therapists utilize techniques to help enhance your relationships and family dynamics with tools such as Gottman Couples Method Therapy, Gottman Parent Emotion Coaching, and Gottman Bringing Baby Home principles. These techniques can increase overall relationship satisfaction as well as help you navigate and repair from difficult conversations or experiences that you have had.

While many of our therapists have trained in the Gottman Method Couples Therapy, our center is completely independent in providing you with clinical services. The Gottman Institute and its agents have no responsibility for the services you receive at the Hope Therapy Center, and our center has no direct affiliation with The Gottman Institute.

Hope therapy center Therapists are gottman referral network approved members
therapists at Hope therapy center in burbank have trained in gottman method couples therapy