Psychotherapy Fees

Our fees vary based on the therapist and the type and length of the session. See sidebar for a complete list of therapists. Generally, our fees are:

$80 - $140 – Associate Therapist, Supervised by Licensed Therapist

$120 - $250 – Licensed Therapist



There is a fee for missed appointments or for cancellations less than 24 hours before an appointment. We provide some flexibility in allowing one (1) late cancel or missed appointment per year to account for an unexpected illness or emergency.

Insurance & Payments


Please note that we provide out-of-network services. You can still submit a claim to your insurance company for out-of-network benefits. Please check with your insurance company to review the out-of-network schedule of benefits and whether a co-payment or deductible applies. Our services are under Mental Health Benefits.

Please call us if you have any questions regarding your specific insurance plans. If you are not submitting insurance, an invoice is provided at the end of your visit and payment is due at that time. We accept checks and major credit cards.


We only occasionally direct-bill your insurance provider for you, as this helps avoid provider involvement in your therapy. Learn more about this below under Health Care Reform Act.

There are certain plans we may be able to direct-bill, including: SAG/AFTRA, Motion Picture Health and Welfare, United Healthcare PPO, Optum PPO, Writer's Guild or Anthem Blue Cross PPO.

If we are not set up to direct-bill your insurance, as a courtesy we prepare and email billing statements at the end of month that you can submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement.


Please note that due to Health Care Reform Act requirements, when you file an insurance claim, it may result in a "diagnosis" being attached to your medical record permanently. Additionally, insurance usually only reimburses for a "mental health" diagnosis, such as depression, anxiety or bi-polar disorder. In addition, an insurance plan administrator may make a decision whether to make payments based on a maximum number of visits and if he/she determines the therapy is "necessary.” For these reasons, many clients prefer to not submit bills to their insurance for possible reimbursement.


Therapists Fees

Kathleen Maldonado, AMFT

$80 individual; $100 couples

Charlett Shaw, APPC

$80 individual; $100 couples / family

Julie Vezina, LMFT

$80 individual; $100 EMDR

Omar Lorente, AMFT

$100 individual; $120 couples

Susan Watkins, AMFT

$100 individual; $120 couples

Sarah van der Pol, AMFT

$120 individual; $140 couples / EMDR

Dr. Reymon Ethnasios, LMFT

$140 individual; $160 couples / family

Diana Guiterrez, LMFT

$140 individual; $160 couples

Laura Reeser, LMFT

$140 individual; $160 couples / EMDR

Dr. Stacey Simmons, LMFT

$140 individual; $160 couples / EMDR

Lisa Clemente, LMFT

$160 individual; $180 couples / family

Daryl Synowiec, LMFT

$160 individual; $180 couples; $200 EMDR

Jennie Marie Battistin, LMFT

$200 individual; $250 couples; $200 EMDR
Jennie Marie is not accepting new clients. Please call or text to be placed on a wait-list.