Dr. Stacey Simmons, LMFT, APCC, PhD

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist
Registered Assoc. Professional Clinical Counselor
License #: LMFT110847
Registered Associate PCC12962
Burbank Therapist
Valencia Therapist / Santa Clarita Therapist

$140 for individuals
$160 for couples / EMDR

About Stacey

If you are at the place where you feel it is time to seriously consider talking to someone professionally, then you are probably having a hard time and experiencing a tremendous amount of pain, grief, or frustration, or all of these issues.  Life can be very challenging and perhaps you are in the midst of a very difficult, life-changing event.  Or perhaps you have hit a wall with your ability to cope with a trauma from your past that you thought had been successfully buried many years ago.  

When it is time to sit down and talk to someone, you have arrived at a place where you are at your most vulnerable, a moment when you really need to be seen and heard.  It is critical that you sit down with someone who is ready, willing and able to listen to you in your pain and “be there” as a helpful resource when you are feeling scared and alone.  

Therapy is most effective when it is a partnership. No therapist has all of the answers but I am committed to finding a successful way forward together, individually, with my clients.  In my practice, I work together with my clients on solving current problems, finding solutions to frustrating or limiting beliefs, or confronting the profound grief that comes from recent or long-ago traumas.  I specialize in working with young adults, adolescents and couples who have histories of trauma, complex psychological issues like borderline personality disorder, anorexia nervosa, and other shame-based internal structures. In Couples Therapy, I have taught couples to improve their relationships, build effective ways of resolving conflict, and increase relationship satisfaction using the principles from the Gottman Couples Method.

I have been drawn to the helping professions for most of my life. I worked as a teacher for special education students and then served my community as an ordained minister in the 1990’s.  I later became trained in Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy, a practice I have been engaged in for a decade.  I have seen first hand the incredible healing that can take place when therapeutic techniques and human development reach past the therapy room.  I offer equine-facilitated psychotherapy as a key part of my practice for those clients who would benefit from a modality that takes the focus off of talking for the greater part of the session.  Equine therapy and other somatic therapies use less-verbal approaches to help you work through issues, memories, problems, or traumas that may be masked behind language.  In 2008, a series of disturbing nightmares drove me to learn more about psychology and the unconscious, which eventually led me to pursue becoming a therapist, something that has felt like the perfect match since I began my studies.

I believe the goal of therapy is to help ease my clients’ suffering, whether as individuals or couples, as they become more truly who they are meant to be.  I know that quality therapy is non-judgmental, unbiased, and promotes healing based on where people are and what they can tolerate as they move in a healing direction towards wholeness.  My job as a therapist is to keep my clients focused on the journey toward that wholeness, and to empower them with the tools needed to make the journey with as little pain as possible. 

I completed both my Bachelor’s in Anthropology and PhD in Media/Social Psychology from the University of New Orleans. I received my Master’s in Counseling Psychology, with a focus in Depth Psychology, from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California.  I am deeply interested in the unconscious and the role it plays in our every day lives.  I write extensively about the unconscious on my blog and for various magazines and journals.  I also run a dream group for those interested in learning more about the power of dreams to influence us in the waking world.