3 Reasons Depression in Men is Under Diagnosed

Failure to recognize depression in men is often too common.  The reason is that feeling sad or emotional isn't always the main symptom in men.

Symptoms of depression in men might include: headaches, digestive problems, fatigue, irritability or chronic pain can sometimes indicate depression. So can feeling isolated and seeking distraction to avoid dealing with feelings or relationships.

Depressed man in dark room gazes out of window.

Here are the 3 Reasons why depression is often under diagnosed in men:

  1. Reluctance to discuss depression symptoms. As a man, you may not be open to talking about your feelings with family or friends, let alone with a health care professional. Like many men, you may have learned to emphasize self-control. You may think it's not

  2. Downplaying signs and symptoms. Men may not recognize how much their symptoms affect them, or they may not want to admit that they’re depressed. But ignoring, suppressing or masking depression with unhealthy behavior won't make it go away.manly to express feelings and emotions associated with depression, and instead you try to suppress them.

  3. Resisting mental health treatment. Even if you suspect you have depression, you may avoid diagnosis or refuse treatment. You may avoid getting help because you're worried that the stigma of depression could damage your career or cause family and friends to lose respect for you.

Asking for help for men can be hard. But without treatment, depression is unlikely to go away, and it may get worse.

Untreated depression can cause problems in multiple areas of life, including health, career, relationships and personal safety.

There is hope . . . Depression in men can be successfully reduce with the use of Cognitive Behavior Therapy and at times combined with medication.  A highly trained therapist in Burbank can assist you with referrals to appropriate doctors to help treat your depression and teach you skills that can help you cope with the symptoms of depression.  

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Photo by Ethan Sykes