4 Things Only People With Anxiety Understand

Fear is negative reaction a natural response to stressful situations and drives you to perform to the best of your abilities. Fear keeps us alert. If fear becomes excessive and persistent, it prevents us from being happy and functional. Anxiety is like a hyper-vigilant state of fear. For many people anxiety is temporary; whereas for others it could be debilitating and lead to illnesses. If uncontrolled, anxiety can take over your life, happiness, performance and relationships. Here’s how anxious people feel different:

 Symptoms of anxiety can show up anywhere, anytime

People suffering from anxiety disorders experience rapid heart rate, palpitations, sweating and dizziness. They can’t control their physical symptoms and they could appear unexpectedly. It’s not just normal fear that you are dealing with and it doesn’t go away easily. It can happen any time anywhere without warning or a specific trigger.

You can’t help over thinking

Often an anxiety disorder causes someone to constantly worry about anything bad happening and these thoughts take a toll. The thoughts may appear exaggerated, irrational or blown out of proportion but people with anxiety disorders can’t help them. Rumination of negative thoughts is linked with depression. The physiological and emotional response to actually situations can be incapacitating. Anxious people feel that their thoughts are real.  

You need pills to reduce discomfort

People may be reluctant to seek therapy for their disorders due to fear of being laughed at or rejected. Thus, sufferers may be forced to suffer in silence and or take pills to temporarily relieve symptoms. Anxious people can’t easily control their negative thoughts. Busying yourself may not always work when you have on-going negative thoughts.

Anxiety is not your everyday stress

The negative thoughts are not just made up in the head. It’s no joke mocking people with anxiety disorders about their irrational thoughts or purposely putting them into anxiety-inducing situations. Be empathetic before you try to make jokes.

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