How Guided Meditation Can Reduce Anxiety

Guided Meditation is a type of meditation that can help you attain the deepest levels of relaxation. Through the various modes of guided meditations available such as audio or visual directives, videos, imagery, or even written texts, a person is able to change their perspective and outlook on life for complete stress relief.

Audio or video are often utilized during the guided meditation sessions and are designed to soothe and relax a persons’ mind until it reaches a peaceful state. By allowing your brain to submerge itself into an imaginative world that is different from the usual, stressful one, one has the capacity to reprogram your mind to let go of the outside pressures and instead find the focus needed to concentration on their goals in life.

The whole concept of guided meditation is to help a person unwind and attain a state of serene inner peace. In a session of guided meditation, a person is asked to physically relax their bodies and open their minds to envision different visualizations depending on their purpose. In case of stress reduction, guided visualizations along with audio cues may be used to entice you to hone in on one point or aspect of your mind or body and consciously begin relaxing it.

Beginning from a physical starting point such as the muscles, you decrease your breathing rate, blood pressure, metabolism, and pulse rate to attain the deepest state of physical relaxation. Once there, you are then eventually guided to completely relax your mind along with your body to provide the much needed relief from the outside stressful stimuli. When a person has reached that pinnacle of relaxation, it is then they can begin shifting their attention to the thoughts, and feelings of distress, working to eliminate them one by one.

Guided meditation can be helpful for individuals struggling with anxiety and depression.

Therapy in Burbank can be a source of learning skills to help reduce anxiety, one such skill is guided meditation.