Kathleen Maldonado, AMFT

Associate Marriage Family Therapist
Registered Associate #: AMFT110190
Supervised by Daryl Synowiec, LMFT
License #LMFT53046
Burbank Therapist

$80 for individual 50-minute session
$100 for couples 50-minute session

About Kathleen

  • Do you feel generally sad most days?

  • Have you lost motivation?

  • Are you anxious but not exactly sure why?

  • Does each day feel like a chore?

  • Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed or exhausted?

  • Are you struggling with concentration?

  • Do you feel stuck? 

  • Do you replay past situations over and over in your mind?

  • Is your child or teen on the Autism spectrum?

  • Is your teen or child struggling in school?

  • Has your teen started to talk back or lie?

  • Does your child act out in school or have trouble concentrating?

  • Has your child or teen been bullied?

  • Is your child or teen struggling with peer pressure?

  • Does your child or teen have excessive worries or fears?

  • Are you concerned about possible drug use by your teen?

I create a space of understanding and empathic support free from judgment. I see therapy as a journey of healing, awakening, self-discovery and transformation.

I have been successfully treating individuals, families, children and adolescents to resolve issues with poor self-esteem, anxiety, depression, stress, phobias, fears, life stress, communication problems, anger outbursts, and day-to-to life challenges and difficulties.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychology from California State Los Angeles and a Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Pacific Oaks College, and have worked with children and teens with severe behavior issues since 2009.