Advantages of Family Therapy

Every person struggles with problems differently on an individual level, with varying degrees of difficulty. Outside help in the form of therapy or counseling can be a great source of help in dealing with these issues.

However, there are times when the problems are not individually rooted. They stem from, or are caused by, tumultuous family dynamics. These types of conflicts are best resolved by familial intervention, a method of improving communications and interactions among the family members who are involved.

Much like individual therapy, psychotherapy modalities exist that are designed to assist the entire familial unit. This form of counseling is known as Family Therapy.

Family counseling seeks to include every member of the family, from the immediate to the extended, in order to identify the source of distress and eliminate it in the least confrontational way possible. It can involve parents, siblings, and maternal or paternal cousins, uncles, aunts, and even grandparents.

Counseling for the entire family is based on an extensive framework that takes into consideration the opinions and views of every person present at the session. The sole purpose of family counseling is to allow families to power through the challenges and tough times, helping them emerge as a stronger unit on the other side.  

There are no definitive guidelines as to when a family should collectively seek professional help, however, the most common reasons include:

Substance or other types of addictions

Sudden or traumatic loss of a loved one

Divorce, marital conflicts or separation

Prolonged illness of a family member

Relocation or job change

Birth of a child


Child behavior issues

Teen behavior issues

Child/parent conflict

Sibling rivalry

Child separation anxiety

Communication issues

In-law interference

Family conflict

Family Therapy is an interactive form of counseling that benefits the entire family. A few advantages of family counseling include:

Identifying sources of conflict and anxiety among family members

Reestablishing communication between family members

Allowing better expression of difficult emotions

Giving family members an understanding of each other’s perspectives through their own experiences

Understanding and respecting the points of view and opinions of other family members

Allowing family members to value each other’s wants and needs

Helping navigate the stresses of difficult circumstances in a less volatile manner

Instilling a deeper sense of empathy towards one another

Family Therapy is designed to restore balance within  the dynamics of a family. For the process to be truly beneficial, it is essential that family members walk in with an open mind and willingness to actively address the issues that are impacting the family. It is then, and only then, that the family can truly benefit from everything this type of counseling has to offer.

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